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About Us

We are a FAMILY. We play, eat, learn, explore, talk, discover, laugh, cry, share, and create TOGETHER.




Nurturing Creativity

shapeimage_3As a Reggio Emilia inspired school we believe that children are active protagonists of their own learning, that teachers must gradually assist students’ with their understanding of concrete lessons and assist them in the development of abstract concepts, and that families should be co-participants, as well as co-responsible for the development of their children. Our program is designed to build self-esteem, social interaction, and school readiness.

We believe in academic experiences that reflect the real world. IMG_0727Thus, we have created an environment that is child-centered, providing opportunities in all areas, including sensorial exploration, practical life skills, language, math, science, art, music, as well as cultural subjects at the earliest ages.

We are committed to creating a dynamic learning environment which fosters and nurtures the uniqueness of each student. Where students, staff, parents, and community members work cooperatively to create an upbringing in which all children will discover their niche and realize their personal and academic potential.

shapeimage_2Recognizing the aptitude, interests, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds of our students, we assume the responsibility of providing an atmosphere which encourages all students to strive for academic excellence. Bambini Academy maintains a collaborative and cohesive partnership among the home, school, and community that promotes high standards of values, integrity, and service which prepare students to be productive members of society.